What Is The Hockey

What Is The Hockey

Hockey English term "Hockey" comes from the French "hocquet," Means "shepherd walking stick." Is the use of hockey with the elbow to control the ball, shoot the ball into the other goal scoring ball games.

Hockey may be one of the oldest sports, Hockey may be one of the oldest sports, from the Nile Valley in Egypt an ancient imperial tomb excavated, the murals painted on the hockey stick and stone is similar to the ball, which presumably started to play hockey man has 4000 years of history. In the early Tang Dynasty has a similar popular hockey events, known as the "step to play."

Modern hockey half of the 19th century originated in the United Kingdom. England appeared in 1861, the first hockey club was established in 1875, the first Hockey Association, and a meeting in London, established rules of

the game. Male and female hockey in 1908 and 1980, respectively, was listed as an Olympic sport.

Hockey is now the majority of countries in the world, especially in some countries in Asia and Europe more widely, for example, in Pakistan, but there is a broad mass base and the project has won Olympic and World Cup

champion . The title of "national sport", In addition, India, New Zealand, Australia, Germany and other countries of the world hockey power. In recent years, hockey is moving fast, agile, accurate direction, many of the tactics

of modern football and play with the hockey has infiltrated the movement, which place more emphasis on players in the game must be running a positive, with Code of Practice for understanding and full attack.

Players must be equipped with the perfect personal skills proficiency, but also has plenty of offensive and defensive strength and the rapid completion of the technical and tactical movement with the ability.

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