Top 7 Hockey Goalie Tips For This Season

Top 7 Hockey Goalie Tips For This Season

Nothing is tougher than playing a sport on the ice. Yet, it is even more of a challenge to play as the goaltender because the bargain on winning lies in its hands. Not to mention the mental toughness involve in playing this game.

Thus, it is almost indisputable to say that the game revolves around some forward, usually a centre -the goalie. Remember that you don't get the glory out of luck but of hard work and discipline. So here are some useful tips that could help you take your play to the next level.

1. Stretch - there are hundreds of different stretches that will help you prepare your body before you get on the game. I'm sure you won't like the thought of throwing yourself to the sidelines just because you have pulled hamstrings or groin pull. Always remember that you're playing a tough game. So you better get a good stretch!

2. Focus - Don't play along when opponents try to fake or fool you. Work on your reflexes and reaction timing. Make sure that you square to the puck, which means to never lose sight of the puck and be wary at all times. Always turn your shoulders to the puck, that way you will have the biggest surface available for your saves. Keep your focus on the shot and not on the shooters. Give no room for them to shoot at. Make sure you keep an eye on your angles and make your opponents hit your pads or chest instead.

3. Loud is good - this is the general rule. In whatever sports you play, you have to communicate. You have to let your defensemen know that they don't have eyes in the back of their head. And as the goalie, you should be the loudest. You have to cooperate; if you help them, they'll help you.

4. Freeze the puck - Nothing is constant. If you feel that there's a need for the team to line change ,then do it. As the game progresses, the team sometimes gets out of sync. Do not hesitate to discuss matters and get a face off.

5. Be resilient - if you missed a goal, do not let it ruin everything you've worked for. It's part of the game, you have to move forward. Resilience is a big part on winning. If you want to make for it, you have to be optimistic. Also, don't forget to play harder.

6. Stand tall - Stay on your feet as long as you can and only go down on your knees if you have to. If you think about it, getting up from your knees is more difficult than coming from a standing position then going down to block shots. By holding your standing position you limit the shooters options and rooms.

7. Be aggressive and have no shame - At times, you may look and feel less than graceful but nothing looks better than winning. So don't worry on how everything looks, just make the most of it. Because at the end of the day, what's more important is getting yourself or some part of you in front of that shot.

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