Hockey Still Inspires

Hockey Still Inspires

Games similar to hockey played using balls and sticks are said to have been enjoyed by humans for thousands of years. There is some evidence to suggest that Egyptians played some sort of game similar to hockey around 4,000 years ago, at a similar time so did Ethiopians. Forms of the game are known to have been played by the Greeks, Romans and Aztecs quite early on, and by many others in years that followed.

Hockey has had an interesting history, in the 17th and 18th century in England, games were played between villages and were often very rough and violent and lasted a very long time. Over the years the game has developed into what it is today, and of course its rules of play are now standard. A large number of people enjoy playing hockey in schools, clubs and for fun.

If you are new to the game, one thing you will need to consider is the sorts of equipment and clothing you will need. Generally speaking schools and clubs will provide hockey sticks for beginners, and these are usually basic examples. For those who wish to play more seriously and optimise their performance, there are a number of considerations when choosing the best hockey sticks.

The majority of hockey sticks weigh between 12 and 28 ounces, and the stick must be able to fit through a ring which is two inches in diameter. The length of the stick will depend primarily on the height of the player concerned + meaning of course that the taller the player, the longer the stick. The majority of basic hockey sticks are made from hardwood, although some are composites, some are reinforced using carbon or fibreglass for extra strength.

Hockey sticks fall into three main categories, Shorti, Midi and Hook. All have their own advantages and lend themselves to different positions in the game. A good way to find out more about the right stick for you is to talk to other players or to the person who is teaching you to play. You will also need to ensure you have the correct hockey clothing, as this can help you to stay cool and drier. In some positions you may need to wear extra protection to help prevent injury, for example as a defender.

No matter why you decide that hockey is the game for you, it is an exciting and energetic way to spend your time. Today, we are all being advised to live healthily and exercise is a key part of this. With a history spanning thousands of years it is easy to appreciate that many people have enjoyed hockey or similar games through the ages. In a way it is amazing, if not surprising, that the game's popularity has endured into the modern age and that it is still played by so many. A great deal of skill and practice is required to play hockey professionally, and if this is an ambition of yours, getting as much practice as you can is paramount, as is choosing the correct clothing and accessories.

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