Air Hockey Fun Floating On Air

Air Hockey Fun Floating On Air

Air Hockey is regarded as an exciting and trendy game which can be played with friends and family. Initially the game was concocted to build a surface which does not produce friction. The inventors of air hockey were a group of three engineers in Brunswick- Crossman, Kendrick and Baldwin who created this frictionless surface where it was easy to stop a rolling ball. This idea was worked upon for several years by them till they created a table which had low air flowing vents which produced obscure frictionless plane. Despite football being a favoured game for many air hockey got an overwhelming response from people. People were fascinated with the concept of loss of momentum and halting a rolling ball on a surface.

This instant classic was then patented in 1975 when another member was added to the trio team of engineers- Bob Lemieux. It was Bob who primarily introduced puck and mallets used in actual hockey to work wonders in this version of the game. And this conception of air hockey took the market by a storm. This was later turned into a competitive sport with Air Hockey Tournaments coiling up every year. This further instils the fact that anything is possible with inspiration and perseverance. As per the records it was by 1973 that Houston Air Hockey Association was formed. However it was in 1975 that an official association under the name of the Air-table Hockey Association or USAA was formed which laid down the rules of the game.

A typical air hockey table includes a large smooth playing surface, bordering rail that will avoid the puck from leaving the table, slots in the rail at both ends that serve as goals along boarder line of the table. Though there are various air hockey table manufacturers in the world however, one of the best air hockey tables is made available by Sportcraft. They proffer a novel design available in a range of vast colours. The brand is also well known for its permanence characteristics.

Air Hockey is a popular sport amongst adults as well as children as it offers an aggressive and competitive feel to the game.

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